Weber Performer Charcoal Grills Review

Weber is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of barbecue accessories in the world. With great reputation for quality, reliability and outstanding customer support, the company enjoys worldwide popularity. You can read more about the Weber-Stephen brand in our detailed article here.

The Performer Series design is based on the original Weber kettle design, the most popular backyard grill in the world. The kettle is now mounted on a cart instead of three legs, but there are also other important improvements which we’ll look at in this article.

The Performer Series features three models:

  • Weber Performer Silver
  • Weber Performer Gold
  • Weber Performer Platinum

Cooking Performance & Features

The closed lid cooking systems is a signature of Weber products. The damper system allows for easy heat control without lifting the lid. Made of rust-resistant aluminum, the damper is not only functional but also durable. All the Weber Performer charcoal grills feature a built-in thermometer for easy checking the heat inside the grill. However, for perfect cooking we would recommend the use of a special thermometer.

Hinged cooking grate on Weber Performer charcoal grills
Hinged cooking grate

The Weber Performer grills come with a rack which can be used for holding the lid while you are tending on the food. It is a nice option, however if the grilling surface is fully loaded with food, access might be a little difficult on that part.

The total cooking area of the Weber Performer grills is 363

Made of heavy-duty plated steel, the cooking grates are durable, easy to clean and can hold enough heat for giving your stakes great sear marks. The Weber Performer models feature hinged grates, which are great for easy access to fuel without lifting the whole grate or removing food from the grill. Adjusting charcoal quantity as needed is super easy.

The Weber Performer charcoal grills feature heavy-duty plated steel charcoal grates, durable and capable of withstanding the high heat of any charcoal fire. By using the charcoal grates and the two charcoal baskets you can set up your grill for direct or indirect heat, according to your preference. You can even use the charcoal baskets with chips for extra smoke and flavor.

Electronic Touch-N-Go™ gas ignition system
Electronic Touch-N-Go™ gas ignition system

Our favorite feature of the Performer grills is the Electronic Touch-N-Go™ gas ignition system, powered by a disposable LP gas cylinder. Simply fill the charcoal burners and position them over the burner. Turn the gas knob, press the ignition button and in five minutes your grill is ready for cooking.

Another advantage of the One-Touch cleaning system is that it also acts as a second damper. The same vents that allow ash to fall easily out of the bowl help bring oxygen up to the fire. Closing the One-Touch cleaning system and the top damper allow you to choke out the fire easily.

The CharBin storage container is useful for storing charcoal away from rain or can be used as a garbage can if needed.

The CharBin is a convenient way to store your charcoal. The size has been designed to hold up to a 30-pound bag. Although it has no lid, I think it pivots back close enough under the work table that rain water should not be able to get into your charcoal. The bin is designed to hold the bag, itself. I already have the perfect charcoal storage system, so I used this with a kitchen trash bag for a close at hand garbage can, which is also convenient.


The Weber Performer is built on a heavy-duty steel cart frame. The bowl and lid are heavy-gauge porcelain enameled and the vents are rust-resistant. Equipped with 2 wheels and 2 locking casters, the grill is easily moved into place.

The ash catcher is made of aluminum and the One Touch cleaning system is made of aluminized steel. The grills are easily assembled.

The overall look of the Weber Performer grills construction inspires quality and reliability.

Help & Support

The Weber Performer charcoal grills are covered by a 10-year limited warranty, as follows:

  • Cooking /charcoal grates – 2 years warranty;
  • Stainless Steel One-Touch Cleaning System – 10 years warranty;
  • Bowl and lid against rust trough or burn through – 10 years warranty;
  • Nylon handles – 10 years warranty;
  • Thermoplastic/ thermoset parts – 10 years, excluding fading;
  • All other parts – 2 years warranty.

The Weber website has an extensive FAQs page that features information about gas grills and charcoal grills. You’ll also find product manuals, general tips on grill maintenance and grilling itself on this site. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, there is a search feature to help you find it quickly.


Built to last, the Weber Performer charcoal grill takes the original successful Weber design and packs it with great features which we’ll not only guarantee great cooking but also fun while doing it. Even if it might seem a little expensive, the Weber Performer grill will not disappoint you.

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Weber Performer Silver Charcoal Grill

Weber Performer Gold Charcoal Grill

Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill


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