Broil King Imperial Gas Grills Review

The Broil King Imperial Series contains the company’s premium grills. There are three models in the Imperial series which we’ll analyze in this review and which you can easily compare in the table below.

Cooking Performance & Features

The number of primary burners and power output of the Broil King Imperial gas grills varies across the three models as follows:

  • four stainless-steel primary burners generating 50,000 BTUs on the Broil King Imperial 490 gas grill,
  • five stainless-steel primary burners generating 55,000 BTUs on the Broil King Imperial 590 gas grill and
  • six stainless-steel primary burners generating 60,000 BTUs on the Broil King Imperial XL gas grill.

All of the Imperial grills also feature a 10,000 BTUs side burner, useful for preparing side dishes or more cooking at the same time. The grills also come equipped with a 15,000 BTUs stainless steel rear rotisserie burner and a premium rotisserie kit, which is a great feature opening more cooking options.

All the models are generating an impressive amount of power and while the power output is not a direct indication of a grill’s cooking performance, it is a helpful measurement of its potential. The numbers of the Imperial gas grills series are able to satisfy even the most demanding cooking needs.

Operating the grills and ignition are super-easy with the front mounted control panel and electronic ignition system.

If you need a lot of cooking space, a Broil King Imperial gas grill is an excellent grilling option. The largest model, the Imperial XL grill features two cook boxes offering a total of 750 cooking space and 250 porcelain-coated warming rack.

All the Broil King Imperial gas grills also come equipped with a 10,000 BTUs commercial grade side burner and a 15,000 BTUs stainless steel rotisserie burner. A premium rotisserie kit is also included.

The side shelves are made of stainless-steel, useful for storing items while cooking and also have small hooks for keeping your barbecue tools at hand.

Grilling at night is not a problem as the grills come equipped with built-in oven lights.


The Broil King Imperial gas grills are available as natural gas or liquid propane fueled units. Natural gas fueled models have a great advantage as you don’t need to worry about refilling the tank and are quickly becoming a popular alternative.


Equipped with many primary burners and a large cooking space, the exterior dimensions and weight of these grills are pretty serious. Even if they are not really portable, all the grills are equipped with heavy-duty locking casters which help in moving your machine to the desired position.

The grill is constructed extremely well, and it’s built to last. The stainless steel housing prevents rust and wear as do the stainless steel cooking grates and burners. Every part of the Broil King Imperial looks solid and reliable.

Help & Support

The Broil King Imperial gas grills are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers the cast aluminum components for lifetime, the burners for ten years and all the remaining parts and paint are covered for two years. This isn’t the best warranty program we have seen in the industry, but Broil King stands proudly behind their grills and considering the quality materials used you are probably going to be grilling without any problems on your Broil King equipment.

If in need for help, you can easily find it on the Broil King website. On the company website you can find product specifications, user manuals and a useful F.A.Q. section which even contains video answers to your most common questions. You can always contact customer support for additional questions. We were pleased with the friendly and informative interaction we had with the customer support team of Broil King.


Broil King Imperial gas grills are excellent grilling machines. With plenty of power, lots of space, features and a solid construction, the Broil King Imperial gas grills are surely going to meet the needs of the most demanding griller.

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Broil King Imperial 490 Gas Grill

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