Broil King Signet Gas Grills Review

Some of the company’s most popular gas grills, the Broil King Signet Series offers a decent amount of power and cooking space with reduced dimensions. There are three models available in the Signet Series which we’ll analyze in this review and which you can easily compare in the table below.

Cooking Performance & Features

The three primary burners on the Broil King Signet gas grills can generate up to 40,000 BTUs and the side burner can push up to 10,000 BTUs. Even if this amount of power might seem low compared to other grills, it will get the job done using less fuel. This grill also features a Sure-Lite electronic ignition system, which makes starting up the grill easy.

The Signet 70 and Signet 90 also feature a rotisserie kit, an impressive feature which will open up more cooking options.

Cooking space on the Broil King Signet gas grills is good, but it could be better. You will have 400 square inches of primary cooking area on this gas grill, along with 235 inches of warming rack space. This area is typical of Broil King grills, and while it’s not as much as several other competitors offer, it should still provide you ample room to grill several items at a time.

This gas grill also has a built-in temperature gauge that allows you to monitor heat while cooking, along with side shelf space for storing condiments, silverware and other grilling necessities.


The Broil King Signet gas grills are available as liquid propane or natural gas fueled units. This fuel versatility is great in a grill, especially as today, natural gas grills are becoming more popular. Once installed, you no longer have to worry about gas level and trips to the gas station for filling the depleted propane tank.


The construction of the Broil King Signet gas grill is good. The cook box is made of aluminum and the burners, cabinet doors and side shelves are made of stainless steel, resistant to rust and wear. The other components are made of rust resistant zinc coated steel. The cooking grates are made of sturdy porcelain-coated cast iron. Weighing in about 138 pounds, this isn’t the heaviest grill we reviewed, but it isn’t especially mobile either. However, it can be moved into the right place using the 7″ wheels with decorative grey accent and 2.5″ locking casters. The Signet gas grills are a little smaller than other grills, though, measuring 48 inches tall and 57 inches wide.

Help & Support

If in need for help, you can easily find it on the Broil King website. On the company website you can find product specifications, user manuals and a useful F.A.Q. section which even contains video answers to your most common questions. You can always contact customer support for additional questions. We were pleased with the friendly and informative interaction we had with the customer support team of Broil King.

The Monarch Gas Grills are covered by a Lifetime Warranty on the Therma-Cast aluminium oven, five years on the stainless steel Dual-Tube burner system and two years on all remaining parts and paint. The warranty period might have been longer as in other grills.


The Broil King Signet gas grills offer pretty much all of the basics necessary for the backyard cooker. The three primary burners provide a good amount of power and there is decent cooking space available. Construction quality is good and the grill should last a long time. However, we would choose the Signet 70 or Signet 90 models for the 15,000 stainless steel rear rotisserie burner which provides more cooking options.

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Broil King Signet 20 Gas Grill

Broil King Signet 70 Gas Grill

Broil King Signet 90 Gas Grill


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