Napoleon Mirage Grills Review

Started in 1976 as a small steel fabrication business, Napoleon is now one of North America’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality wood and gas fireplaces, gourmet gas and charcoal grills, outdoor living products and heating & cooling products. Napoleon is committed to producing quality products and providing honest, reliable service.

Cooking & Features

The Napoleon Mirage Gas Grills come equipped with three (on models M485RB, M485RSIB, M605RSIB) or four (on the M730RSBI model) primary burners. These primary burners are able to generate from 48,000 BTUs to up to 64,000 BTUs. While not everything is about lots of BTUs, the numbers indicate how much power we can expect from a grill and how much fuel it is likely to consume during use. With a total power of up to 107,000 BTUs on the M730RSBI model it is more than enough even for the most demanding cooking needs.

The Napoleon Mirage gas grills are some of the few mid-range gas grills we have reviewed that feature a rear infrared burner. This is a great option and opens new possibilities in grilling. The ceramic infrared rear rotisserie burner is capable of generating between 13,500 BTUs and 16,000 BTUs. This type of burner is able to create intense heat spread evenly over a small area. Use it with the Napoleon rotisserie kit for tasteful juicier roasted meals.

Napoleon Legend LD485RB Gas Grill -
Steel cooking grates

The side burner available on some of the models is able to generate between 11,000 BTUs and 12,500 BTUs, is large enough to accommodate saute pans as well as sauce pans and may come in handy for creating side dishes or sauces, while allowing you to conveniently complete cooking process at one time in one place.

All the Napoleon Mirage gas grills feature an electronic ignition system – the Jetfire ignition system – which lights the burners by igniting a jet of gas. Electronic ignitions are very efficient at getting a flame going, but they also require a battery, which needs to be replaced occasionally.

The smallest model – the Napoleon Mirage M485RB – offers a 485 primary cooking surface and a 245 warming rack area. The largest model – the Napoleon Mirage M730RSBI – provides a 730 primary cooking area and a 295 warming rack area. Even with the smallest one, the cooking area is enough for great backyard barbecues.

The integrated ice bucket with cutting board on the side shelf is a nice feature. Flip the lid of the side shelf over and you have a sturdy cutting surface. Under the lid, there’s a space for adding ice where you can keep your drinks cold or keep your burgers until you are ready for grilling. Even if this type of features don’t improve cooking quality, it adds some little extra help and sets Mirage grills from other grills.
Napoleon Mirage M730RSBI Gas Grill
Infrared burners

The front-mounted control panel features back-lit control knobs for late night entertaining. The blue LED lights provide a discreet, futuristic look. Additional light can be provided with the optional halogen light which can be attached to the side of the unit.


The Mirage gas grills are available as liquid propane or natural gas fueled units. A 10-feet flexible hose is included with the natural gas fueled units. For LP fueled ones, the 20-lb. propane tank is not included. This fuel versatility is great in a grill, especially as today, natural gas grills are becoming more popular. Once installed, you no longer have to worry about gas level and trips to the gas station for filling the depleted propane tank. 


Napoleon Mirage M730RSBI Gas Grill
Back-lit control knobs on Napoleon Mirage Gas Grill

The Napoleon Mirage gas grills are constructed from high grade stainless steel (304 stainless) and are not only looking great but also very resistant to corrosion, water and temperature. The lid, side shelf and cabinet doors are also made of stainless steel, which means that your grill will last a very long time. Stainless steel is a very durable material – it will not rust, and it resists damage from food and cleaning.

With the lid closed, the Mirage gas grills have a maximum size of 50 inches high, 76 inches wide and 27 inches deep. Not very bulky, but not small either, the Napoleon Mirage grills won’t take up a lot of room on your deck or porch. The Mirage grills also weighs 180 pounds, but feature heavy-duty casters on the bottom, so you can easily maneuver them around, if needed.

Help and Support

On the company website you can find product features and manuals, grill maintenance tips and even grilling tips. An informative FAQ section is also available. In our research, we have found the customer support team behind the Napoleon grills to be prompt and friendly.


The powerful gas burners, the relatively new infrared grilling technology, fuel versatility, high quality materials and cool features like back-lit knobs and integrated cutting board and ice bin make the Napoleon Mirage Gas Grills very powerful grilling machines, which are sure going to make your backyard barbecues a hit.

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