Napoleon Prestige Pro Gas Grills Review

Napoleon Prestige Pro gas grills are some of the premiere products the company has to offer. Napoleon is a respected name in the grilling world, being know as a company committed to producing high quality products and the Prestige Pro gas grills are not an exception.

Great design and performance are common characteristics of all the four models in the Prestige Pro Series, which we’ll analyze in this review. Differences between models can be easily analyzed in the comparison table below.

Cooking & Features

With four primary burners able to generate up to 56,000 BTUs, the Napoleon Prestige Pro gas grills are some of the most powerful available. While it is not the decisive factor for establishing the cooking performance of a grill, the generated power is an important indicator and with 56,000 BTUs the Napoleon Prestige Pro gas grills generate outstanding power and heat. With high power also comes high fuel consumption so make sure you choose the level of power according to your grilling needs. Anyway, if you are looking for a grill that will get hot fast, the Prestige Pro grills are some of the best choices available.

Napoleon Prestige Pro500RSIB Gas Grill -
Infrared rotisserie burner

These gas grills come equipped with a stainless steel rear infrared rotisserie burner capable of generating between 18,000 BTUs on the PRO500 models and 26,500 BTUs on the PRO600 models. With this amount of power, this burner is one of the most powerful of this type on any gas grill available. The infrared technology enables the burner to cook meat evenly and retain heat, so the rotisserie burners are great for cooking slow-cooking meats and preparing unique dishes.

Further more, the PRO500RSIB and PRO600RSIB models come equipped with side burners capable of 12,500 BTUs or 14,000 BTUs, great for side dishes or more cooking in the same time.

All the Napoleon Prestige Pro gas grills feature an electronic ignition system – the Jetfire ignition system – which lights the burners by igniting a jet of gas. Electronic ignitions are very efficient at getting a flame going, but they also require a battery, which needs to be replaced occasionally.


Napoleon Prestige Pro600RSIB Gas Grill -
Integrated ice bucket

The primary cooking space on the Prestige Pro grills is up to 600 and the warming rack area is 322 With a total of 922 the cooking space is impressive and makes these grills perfect for hosting large events and parties. You can be sure that no guest will be waiting while others are being served. So if you have lots of friends coming to your barbecues,you can be sure a Napoleon Prestige Pro gas grill will not let you down.

The ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge, a standard feature on all Prestige Pro grills, lets you know at any time how hot your grill is getting.

The large side shelves can be used for housing condiments, utensils or other grilling accessories and your grilling tools can easily be hang on the mounted tool brackets. The integrated ice bucket with cutting board on the side shelf is a nice feature. Flip the lid of the side shelf over and you have a sturdy cutting surface. Under the lid, there’s a space for adding ice where you can keep your drinks cold or keep your burgers until you are ready for grilling. Even if this type of features don’t improve cooking quality, it adds some little extra help and sets Prestige Pro grills from other grills.

Napoleon Prestige Pro600RB Gas Grill -
Optional charcoal tray

Looking for those charcoal grilling flavours? An optional charcoal tray is available as an optional feature which ads the fun and flavour of charcoal on your gas grill.

A removable drip pan is available for collecting the juices and moisture from the grill.


The Prestige Pro gas grills are available as liquid propane or natural gas fueled units. A 10-feet flexible hose is included with the natural gas fueled units. For LP fueled ones, the 20-lb. propane tank is not included. This fuel versatility is great in a grill, especially as today, natural gas grills are becoming more popular. Once installed, you no longer have to worry about gas level and trips to the gas station for filling the depleted propane tank.


Built to last, the Napoleon Prestige Pro gas grills are made of heavy-duty stainless steel resistant to rust and wear. The Prestige Pro gas grills are not only performant, but also look great. Thoughtful chrome details on the lid and handles give a nice sleek feel. Every piece of this grill is masterfully constructed and organized for maximum convenience. The tool hooks are easily accessible, and the unappealing bits are tucked away, allowing for an impressive combination of presentation and performance.
The high cooking space also comes with high exterior dimensions. The Prestige Pro grills measure 74 inches wide and weights 282 pounds, so it is not really a choice for limited spaces. Mounted under the pedestal base, the locking casters make moving and positioning of the grill easy. 

Help & Support

On the company website you can find product features and manuals, grill maintenance tips and even grilling tips. An informative FAQ section is also available. In our research, we have found the customer support team behind the Napoleon grills to be prompt and friendly.

Built to last for a long time, the Napoleon gas grills come with a limited lifetime warranty, which covers the burners for life and the other components for two years. Anyway, with these grills you are most probably not going to have an issue with the grill for a long time.


The Napoleon Prestige Pro are top-of-the-line gas grills that not only look great but can also cook great offering great barbecue possibilities. So if you are not limited by your patio space, these grills will surely complete your outdoor living space and make your barbecue parties a hit.

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