Weber Spirit Grills Review

The 2013 Weber Spirit Grills have been re-engineered and that is easily visible both in its modern design as well as the packed features. The control panel has been moved in front, making it easily accessible and the two stainless-steel side tables fold down, for increased maneuverability and easy storage. The new Weber Spirit Series features five different models (E-210, E-220, S-210, E-310, E-320) which will discuss in this review and the differences in features can be easily compared in the table below.

Cooking Performance & Features

As usual in Weber grills, the cooking system is composed of: cooking grates, burner tubes, flavorizer bars and the grease management system. All these are housed in a cast aluminum cookbox, durable, efficient, requiring minimal care and assistance and being able to withstand the high temperatures needed for grilling at any temperature.

The Weber Spirit Grills come equipped with two primary burners (on the E-210, E-220 and S-210 models) generating up to 26,500 BTUs or with three primary burners (on the E-310 and E-320 models) generating up to 32,000 BTUs. We generally recommend at least three primary burners on gas grills – as only two burners would limit the amount of cooking you can do simultaneously, but the choice also depends on ones grilling habits and needs. Even so, the Weber Spirit grills should be roomy enough to cook a 20-pound turkey or roast meats and vegetables at the same time. Ignition is super easy with the electronic ignition system found on all models.

Weber Spirit E-210 450 Square Inch Grill -
Weber Spirit E-210 gas grill with foldable sidetables.

You can choose a little more power by choosing the Weber Spirit E-220 or E-320 which incorporate a side burner in their design, capable of generating an extra 12,000 BTUs. The side burner may come in handy for creating side dishes allowing for more cooking in the same time.

A sear station burner is not available in any of the Weber Spirit gas grills models.

The total cooking area is 450 (360 primary cooking area and 90 warming rack area) for the two-primary burners models and 529 (424 primary cooking area, 105 warming rack area) for the three-burners models. We would prefer a larger cooking area, but we have to adapt our grills to the space we have available. The folding stainless-steel side tables option is a nice feature for limited patio, deck space or balcony. However it is only available on the two-burners models. Thus considering the exterior dimensions, if you are looking into a three-burner grill, we would recommend checking out the Weber Genesis Grill Series.

All the Weber Spirit Grills come equipped with porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates which retain heat evenly providing great searing and requiring little effort for cleaning.

As the Genesis and Summit gas grills, the Weber Spirit grills are also equipped with the special flavorizer bars, positioned above the burners, catching drippings that smoke and sizzle adding more flavour to the food.

Weber Spirit E-320 529 Square Inch Gas Grill -
Weber E-320 Gas Grill with Sideburner

All the drippings not vaporized are funneled away from the burner tubes, down into the grease management system, thus preventing flare-ups and protecting burners from becoming clogged.

The grease management system consists of an angled grease tray and a catch pan. The grease not vaporized by the Flavorizer tubes goes away from the burners, beneath the cookbox. The tray can be easily removed for cleaning by sliding it out of the cabinet. Attention should be paid to the disposable catch pan for replacing it when it fills up.


With the lid open, the Spirit Grills measure approximately 63 inches high, 50 inches wide and 32 inches deep. There are small variations between models but not significant. Even if we would have expected smaller dimensions for a two-burners grill, the Genesis Spirit may be a good solutions for smaller spaces.

As usual in Weber grills, all the materials used are high quality and should prove to be resistant in time. The construction of this grill is excellent.

Weber Spirit E-310 529 Square Inch Grill -
Cupboard containing LP tank and grease management system.


The Weber Grills are generally versatile when it comes to fuel. However, in the Weber Spirit Series all the models are fueled by Liquid Propane and only two of them (the S-210 and E-310) are also available with natural gas fuel. The natural gas versions come equipped with a 10-foot flexible hose. The 20-lb LP tank for the LP versions is sold separately.

All the LP grill versions come equipped with a fuel gauge which indicates the remaining fuel reserve. It’s easy to read and useful for perfect cooking planning.

Help and Support

The Weber Spirit Gas Grills come with a 10-year burner warranty. Weber can be contacted via phone or email if assistance is neeeded. A helpful FAQ section addressing common concerns with the grill and a manual can be found online.


If you have a limited space for your new grill and the lack of an additional primary burner is not a concern, the Weber Spirit E-210, E-220 and S-210 would all make good choices. However, if you are looking for three primary burners and the price difference is not an issue, we would recommend looking into the Weber Genesis Grills Series, as the power and cooking space is significantly higher compared to the Weber Spirit E-310 and E-320 models. Even if the lack of an additional primary burner may be a concern in some of the models, the Weber Spirit gas grill is still a good choice. It provides plenty of power for the two primary burners  and it’s construction is solid and reliable. The Weber Spirit Grills are a good choice.

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